g-loft_story2Goldeck Textile was established in 1948 and taken over by August Mayer (current CEO) in 1971. The company was focusing from the beginning on Insulation products, which in the early years, were mainly blankets and pillows.

Already in the 1970’s Goldeck Textile produced its own insulation based on virgin wool and cotton. Partially also recycled loden residues (woolen textiles) found its way into a corresponding insulation.

1982 was the beginning of the production of an insulation made of polyester fibers. For this purpose based on the the latest engineering techniques a new production facility was establised, which aligns polyester fibers 3-dimensional. An outstanding insulation was created.

This was the origin of the G-LOFT® insulation that contributed several names over the years: 3D fiber, from 1985 GLT (Goldeck Loft Technology) and now G-LOFT®. The first G-LOFT® products were installed in sleeping bags (Intersport, Austrian Armed Forces).

Over time, the G-LOFT® fibers and their blends have been continuously further developed. Also the production plant went through various optimization processes, thereby the individual components of the machine were kept abreast of the latest technology. Major improvements effecting the quality of the G-LOFT® insulation have been implemented in recent years.

G-LOFT-Maschine2012: Digitization of the plant
Since 2012, the plant is managed by a central computer, each roll can be controlled individually and speeds and weights are documented. This can be achieved that the plant can be optimally adjusted to the respective product.

2013: New Layering Unit
The installation of a new layering unit additionally creates new opportunities. We are now also capable of producing fleeces with low basis weight precisely.

In 2012 the outstanding G-LOFT® Si was included in our product portfolio. A year later, G-LOFT® FRi (flame retardant) was added. In 2014 G-LOFT® Ni (boots, gloves) and G-LOFT® NTi (shoes, gloves, headgear) found it’s way into our product portfolio.


  • Unrivalled warmth to weight ratio
  • High loft
  • Highly compressible
  • Good thermal performance even in wet condition (about 80% heat output even at completely soaked material)

Fields of Application

  • Apparel & Equipment
  • Footwear
  • Bedding
  • Individual Insulation & Quilted Construction

Basically you can say that we have always endeavored to control or generate the key quality criteria of a product in house. Therefore, we decided also to an in-house development of an outstanding insulation. With the production plant directly in front of our office building, we are always on site, to control the quality and thus have special abilities in the development, because everything can be immediately implemented and tried out.

This strong base of our experience in all areas brings us advantages over other manufacturers: We are happy to offer assistance with questions on the use of our materials and can recommend the best product-specific materials and their processing.

In addition, we have years of experience in public tenders, with which we can assist our clients in all matters of work wear and in the professional products area. We can offer the customer a quality control review, because we really know what is important in the finished product.

We are also responsible for the final product and therefore we offer our clients extensive support. Our goal is to create together with our partners outstanding G-LOFT® products.