G-LOFT® QC Design through innovative technology offers the possibility of quilting the ready cut parts, which subsequently only need to be cut out from the roll material afterwards.

This production type brings the following advantages:

  • Free design of topstitching
  • Efficient cutting layer
  • Dimensional stability
  • Crop marks are already quilted
  • Easier further processing by pre-completion seams
  • Optional attachment of quilted logos
  • Fewer seams on the end product
  • Significantly fewer working minutes required in post process
  • Higher quality of the end product


Due to the “MEMORY-EFFECT” the G-LOFT® insulation returns always to its particularly warm, airy original shape.
Special Fiber Blend
Microfibers and “low-melt Fibers” guarantee for a durable, soft G–LOFT® insulation and at the same time the smallest possible pack size.
Natural Clustering
The G-LOFT® fibers form within the insulating layer, so-called “clusters”, as they are also found in high-quality goose down. Air is trapped in countless, small cushions, which provides an optimum lasting insulation in all directions.


Quilted construction


Warm & Light
The unique fiber technology gives the G-LOFT® insulation an unrivaled warmth to weight ratio. The extremely hollow fiber causes a drastic reduction in specific weight and optimal thermal insulation.
Highly Compressible
The small pack size wonder: When packing and stowing air escapes from the G–LOFT® insulation which then rapidly builds up again due to the “Memory Effect”.
Top Wet Condition Performance
Unlike down the G–LOFT® fiber does not absorb moisture. Thus it guarantees a very high thermal performance even under wet conditions.
Highly Breathable
The breathable G–LOFT® products guarantee a perfect temperature control in the outdoor area and an optimal sleeping climate.
Easy Care
G-LOFT® products can be washed in conventional washing machines and are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.
Flame retardant
In addition to the excellent flame retardant properties, G-LOFT® FRi provides also an excellent thermal protection.