G-LOFT® Ci has been specifically designed as insulation for fashion clothing, for which the use of a very compact insulation is required. Another advantage is that G-LOFT® Ci can also be used in combination with very open materials.


Due to the “MEMORY-EFFECT” the G-LOFT® insulation returns always to its particularly warm, airy original shape.
Special Fiber Blend
Microfibers and “low-melt Fibers” guarantee for a durable, soft G–LOFT® insulation and at the same time the smallest possible pack size.
Natural Clustering
The G-LOFT® fibers form within the insulating layer, so-called “clusters”, as they are also found in high-quality goose down. Air is trapped in countless, small cushions, which provides an optimum lasting insulation in all directions.


Apparel & Equipment
40-300 gr/m² max. 255 cm


Warm & Light
The unique fiber technology gives the G-LOFT® insulation an unrivaled warmth to weight ratio. The extremely hollow fiber causes a drastic reduction in specific weight and optimal thermal insulation.
Highly Compressible
The small pack size wonder: When packing and stowing air escapes from the G–LOFT® insulation which then rapidly builds up again due to the “Memory Effect”.
Top Wet Condition Performance
Unlike down the G–LOFT® fiber does not absorb moisture. Thus it guarantees a very high thermal performance even under wet conditions.
Highly Breathable
The breathable G–LOFT® products guarantee a perfect temperature control in the outdoor area and an optimal sleeping climate.
Easy Care
G-LOFT® products can be washed in conventional washing machines and are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.